AU-2 (Green with White Checkers)
CK-1 (Green, Red, Red, Blue, Yellow & White)
CK-2 (Green & White Checkers with Yellow Lines)
CK-3 (Purple & White Checkers with White Lines)
CS-1 (Green)
DB-1 (White)
EY-1041 (White with Blue & Khaki Checkers)
EY-1050 (Navy with White Checkers)
EY-1051 (Maroon with White Checkers)
EY-1053 (Brown with White Checkers)
EY-1061 (White with Khaki & Brown Checkers)
EY-1073 (Blue with White & Orange Checkers)
EY-1111 (Red with Apple Green & Navy Checkers)
EY-1120 (Black with White & Red Checkers)
EY-401 (White with Red & Beige Checkers)
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