company profile

The company started in 1973 as Hock Joo Textile Pte Ltd and in 1993, was incorporated as Hock Joo Tex Enterprises Pte Ltd.

As such, our company has many years of experience in the trading of textile fabrics. We are a major wholesaler and trader of textiles used for making uniforms in Southeast Asia. Our trademark brands HJ-3300 and MATRIX 2288 are well-known in the market for its good quality and reliability.


Our Mission

Currently, the company headquarter is located in Singapore with a subsidiary in Malaysia. The company has sales agencies in countries like Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

We are constantly looking for sale agents to market our fabrics worldwide and welcome all inquiries on textiles. Our company prides on our promise of superior quality fabric and fast lead time to our customers.